About us


INTEK specializes in the study, design and implementation of:

  • refrigeration systems of all sizes
  • coolers at 0 ° C, controlled temperature and low temperature
  • continuous new generation freezer tunnel
  • rapid cooling tunnel
  • freon refrigerators, NH3 and CO2 with screw compressors
  • evaporative capacitors
  • conditioning systems with humidity and temperature control
  • meats and cheese seasoning plants
  • autopurger for the discharge of condensable gases
  • industrial evaporators with flat panel or, on request, spiroidals
  • ice makers in flakes and / or blocks - even with sea water
  • furnishings for supermarkets, restaurants, pastry shops and ice-cream parlors
  • technical advice on refrigeration equipment or machinery, not even our supply or installation
  • solutions for maintenance/review compressors with replacement of original spare parts
  • calibration of bancode safety valves with INAIL certification
  • pressure control on pressure tank
  • tensile integrity checks for pressure tanks and piping
  • assistance and advice, documentation preparation and technical dossiers for PED certification, commissioning application and periodic operation checks
  • supply refrigerating components

chi-siamo-1 The plants and the machines are made on an original project, elaborated in standard forms, to meet the market. All projects are highly customizable.

INTEK proceeds with a strong vertical integration of the production process. In fact, the projects are being studied by a team responsible for development and research, then processed in the technical office, and are subsequently carried out under close supervision at the site, thanks to collaborations that INTEK has developed over the years with associates of fifty years of experience in the cold world.

The company has immediately gained a positive welcome on the market thanks to its dynamic and strong orientation to quality, service, innovation, building relationships with customers from the planning stage and continuing in the executive, operation and maintenance. chi-siamo-2


INTEK, engaged in the green development of the cold industry, has since developed technologies that enable it to recover energy and reuse it in the production cycle.

Each plant is designed on the following basic principles.

  • recovery of energy
  • re-use of energy in the production process
  • defrost at zero cost
  • no dispersion of the refrigerant used
  • high compressor performance
  • partially condensed
  • decreasing evaporation of H2O and saving water
  • positive temperature controlled at zero cost
  • obvious economic savings
  • less waste of primary resources and polluting pollutants in the respect of the environment

In these moments of ever-increasing globalization in social and economic life, INTEK intends to expand its market by expanding the customer network and consolidating existing business relationships. Certain of the excellent value for money of your products, the possibility of meeting the most varied and special needs from design to installation of plant and machinery, without neglecting the focus on environmental and safety issues.



INTEK provides the know-how of its collaborators for the entire refrigeration project, analyzed at every crucial stage of the audit, design and implementation of the plant.


Each project is studied in detail to allow the customer, thanks to innovative technologies to achieve energy efficiency and consequently achieve greater profitability.


Each project is unique. It is studied based on customer needs and requirements to best suit any need.


The customer is also joined by the project after the project, thanks to a network of professionals who are able to provide after sales support.